The many Layers of Breaking and Holding: Enjoy it as You Choose

                                                                                                                                    "Golden Galaxy" by Varun Aditya

                                                                                                                                    "Golden Galaxy" by Varun Aditya

Preorder Breaking and Holding for August 2nd delivery and enjoy the novel in one or many ways.

Read it as a page-turner—for the pleasure of plot twists and unpredictable responses. Or read it for style and the way the story is told.  

Enjoy its light remembrance of the 1970s—of history, song, fashion, pop culture, and women's issues in the era. Read it as a story of two women—one struggling for career success in a New York advertising agency, the other for the courage to leave her desolate marriage. (More? The domineering boss of the first is the controlling husband of the second!) 

Love tennis? Read Breaking and Holding to relive the first Golden Age—when wooden rackets were still around, along with short white shorts; when Borg played with icy calm and stoicism while Connors and McEnroe, with their "bad boy" antics, took the sport to new levels of entertainment and popularity.

Read the novel for its Gatsbyesque strain—for the 1970s instead of the 20s; the Me Decade instead of the Jazz Age; and for Lynn Hewitt as Nick Carraway, caught in the middle of an illicit triangle, trying to prevent its implosion.

Or read it as my writing group suggests, tongue in cheek: The Great Gatsby meets Mad Men. Or: Love, sex, and tennis—what more could a woman want?  

Most of all, read Breaking and Holding as the story of a love too big, rich and obsessive to ever let go.  

Preorder it now! Open it August 2nd!