More than just the right word or a stunning plot twist, what every writer wants most is a reader. Especially as a first-time novelist, I'm grateful for every one of you who has read Breaking and Holding since its publication on August 2nd. I also appreciate those who have taken the time to rank or review the novel on Amazon or Goodreads. (If you haven't yet, please do.)

I hope you've enjoyed Breaking and Holding and would love to hear from you. Just use the connect tab on my website, visit my Facebook page, or tweet me at @judyfogarty.com.  I promise to respond. I'd love to speak to your book club too—in person or by Skype.  

Meanwhile, here a few of my favorites lines from reviews of Breaking and Holding.

Extreme book hangover. I couldn't get this book out of my head for days!!!

A smart summer read. A swift page-turner.

This book grabbed me from the first sentence...It's the perfect beach read.

As heartbreaking as it is soulful. 

Five stars for an excellent book and "chewing my nails up to the end" kind of love story.

Be prepared to have your heart bumped and torn and pieced together along the way. It's just that good.