What Readers love about Chapter 1

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Readers loved the Giveaway in the September issue of my Story Lines newsletter. They entered the drawing by (1) reading Chapter 1 of Breaking and Holding and (2) leaving me a comment about the chapter. A few of my favorites Follow. If you haven't read breaking and Holding, I hope THEY will encourage you to. 

"Best first chapter I have read since...ever! I mean it. Stunningly good. The gift card would be icing on the cake. The real dessert will be inhaling your book. Can't wait!" -- Diana Wenzel

"The last sentence of the first chapter had my eyes wide open and saying to myself, Ooooohhhhh. Lol." -- Caitlin Freaney

"Intrigued? √...Mystified? √...Needing to read more? √" -- Connie Saunders

"Love your writing style and character development. The relationships draws you in and has you quickly wanting more." -- Kim Elliott

"Okay, now I HAVE to finish the book!" -- Diane

"The very first lines truly captured my attention. Barbed wire? And then the last line of the first chapter? I need to read more!" -- Susan Schleicher

"Oh my gosh! When I got to the last line of chapter one I was thinking..."No. She didn't." I felt so bad for Patricia. And I'm very curious now as to what happens to Jack!" -- Belinda

"You got me on the first page." -- Liz