In addition to book reviews, my online book tour included author interviews and guest posts on four notable book blogs. Here are things you may not know about Breaking and Holding, writing groups, my next novel, and me(!)--including the funniest thing that happened at a book signing.

A WRITING GROUP THAT WORKS.  One writing group. Four years together. Six women working in different genres. And since August 2016: three novels sold for publication; a non-fiction book deal signed with a major university press; two essays and two short stories published; and a memoir now in submission to agents. Here are my thoughts on what makes a writing group a success. More...

FIVE THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT BREAKING AND HOLDINGWhy the novel has been called The Great Gatsby meets Madmen, why the setting is 1978, why you don't want to watch a tennis match with the author, and more. 

AUTHOR Q & A. Learn which 1978 songs I'd choose for the novel's soundtrack and the first place I would take Savannah visitors. More...

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AUTHOR Q & A - LAUREN K. DENTON'S "BOOKISH PEOPLE" BLOG. What am I working on now? What books have I recently read and loved? What's the funniest thing that happened to me at a book signing? Find out!