The itinerary was packed: sixteen destinations in less than thirty days. But this book tour for Breaking and Holding required no travel, hotel stays, or time away from home. Instead, the tour stops were book blogs that featured reviews of the novel or author interviews and guest posts. Sample the review highlights here or click an image for the entire review.  

Breaking and Holding is heartbreaking and tragic and steamy and sweet...But this wasn’t a light and easy-breezy (beach) read for me. With a dysfunctional marriage, addiction, secrets, and abuse plus a tender and sweet romance, friendship, longing, and hope, the author made me care about the characters...Until the very last pages, I had no idea how things would turn out...I also really enjoyed her style of writing. It was whip-smart, at times funny, and for a book with so much romance, it never veered into cheesy or saccharine for me.-- Lauren K. Denton

Breaking and Holding was intense, romantic and compelling, but I found myself more interested in the time frame it took place. From a women’s perspective, the 1970s were a very tumultuous time, a time of introspection and growth...I took away a story of a young woman breaking free, finding her unique spirit and ultimately her truth. We should all be so blessed. -- Cindy Roesel

The relationships of family and friends, the absence of family and friends, age and stage and love and money and needs and secrets with the backdrop of Kiawah Island and the tennis circuit make Breaking and Holding engaging, thought provoking and a juicy, quick read. -- Jennifer Blankfein

I felt the constant thrum of pressure and awaited the approaching train wreck; I...was intrigued about just what the specific antecedent would be that would trip the bomb and blow the track. There were multiple instances I thought the fuse was lit and was bracing for the explosion, but oh – what a sly and clever minx Ms. Fogarty is, she fooled me more than once. The storyline was cleverly constructed and smartly written. Judy Fogarty has made a stunning debut. -- "Empress DJ"

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A tale of love, madness, tennis, and breaking free...I loved Lynn and rallied behind Tricia and there was no way I could put the book down until I found out how their stories would end! -- Becky LeJeune

The author does an amazing job at establishing another time and place.  I loved the 1970's island setting. -- "Birdhouse Books"

Fogarty has created a set of deeply flawed, broken characters who must make peace with their own pasts in order to move forward...Each has to decide when the tipping point is and when to take a chance and go to the net for match point. -- Serena